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07-21-2012, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by barilko05 View Post
The Lansing 3 are not "struggling" to go 6 innings. They are all on very strict pitch counts. The organization is being extremely careful with these pitchers. Perhaps a bit too careful, if you ask me. There are those, Greg Zaun being one, who believe that pitch counts are what is ruining so many young arms. Pitchers are babied so much nowadays their arms aren't developing properly, hence the injuries.
They are allowed to go 6 innings and they are struggling to get at times. Yes, there is a pitch count and I'd think it's a good enough pitch count where you can get to 6 innings. They have pitched a few times in the 6th but they have struggled to get that and struggled when they pitch there. Not that it should be surprising, they need to build innings and it will take some time before they really hit their strides.

Don't mind them being too careful. They are really young arms and for first couple of pro ball seasons, I don't mind them babying a little bit. I am sure they will let them loose once they reach AA.

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