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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Not really. I just don't find any of his positives, well, that positive. And points in the AHL mean very little, as well all know from our experience with AHL scoring leader Corey Locke. Now, it's possible that I may still be overly biased by the reports from the scouts I know out in Alberta who used to watch him every day and laughed at me (electronically, of course) when I asked about his possible NHL future at the time of the trade, but still...
You can't claim that Berger is highly skilled and Schultz devoid of skill when they put up similar numbers in junior and Schultz outscored Berger in Hamilton this season. I am not denying that Berger may be the more skilled of the two but the difference is hardly the vast chasm that you allude to. How skilled can Berger really be when he was the lowest scoring forward amongst the top two lines in Oshawa during his final season (and this was as a 20 year old!!!)

You also say that Berger is bigger than Schultz when Schultz is listed as 1 inch taller and ten pounds heavier, not to mention a heck of alot tougher. From this you somehow extrapolate that Berger is also stronger. This is almost as laughable as your original statement that Berger was a better skater than Schultz. There is also the fact that Schultz was drafted in the 3rd round while Berger was not drafted at all. Who are these scouts that you claim to know in Alberta??? Tell me they are not the mullet heads from the Oiler boards...

You can't claim to be all high and mighty then procede to post this kind of nonsense.

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