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07-21-2012, 11:47 AM
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The issues you are having with movement may be related to your ankle injury. My understanding is that the injury happened before you took up hockey goaltending. When you did your rehab your program probably did not include exercises that were important to lateral hockey goaltender movement. Add that coming back from such an injury is an 18-24 month process, so your efforts to date are quite laudible. Talk to your rehab therapist about ankle exercises that will help hockey lateral movement and work on them.

Suggestions.Work on your hockey skating by playing a skater position in a beginner league. Get someone - you may have to join a skater class, to evaluate your left and right turns. There are various standard tests. Try to reach a level where your turning to each side is virtually equal. Then....

Find a good off ice training program for goalies. Go with it concentrating on the lateral movement exercises.

Combined you should be ready to play goalie. Presently I doubt that you are.

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