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07-21-2012, 11:56 AM
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The more I look at this, the more it appears that no matter what this was a no win from the beginning. If Poile shops Weber last summer or during the season and doesn't get the best trade return in history, he gets roasted here. Apparently when he did shop Weber, the asking price was too high and Philly retaliated with this offer.

The fact we didn't match this offer immediately indicates that the ownership never authorized a deal even close in structure to this one from Philly. If Poile had been given the green light to present a massively front loaded offer before the offer sheet, matching this would be a reflex response ... along with Poile's head on a stick for not following the ownership's guidance. Neither of those things happened.

What it looks like to me is that the owners gave permission to make sizable offers in terms of averaged salary and our two "core" players spent their evenings watching Jerry McGuire and wanted all the money up front. The reported offer to Suter was less than $1mil per year different than what he accepted to "be close to family" or cuddle with Parise or what ever his true logic was ... but we've yet to see details of what kind of structure that deal was built around. What bonuses did we offer, if any? How much salary was front loaded vs those final years of the contract?

Foreseeing a potential offersheet is easy. About one per year comes along, usually with an almost immediate match from the team. Predicting an offer with more bonus money in the first 50 weeks than either Suter or Parise receive in the first three seasons of their contract ... $2mil less in that 50 week span than Richards gets over six seasons from the Rangers ... well, that would be like somebody telling you on December 6, 1941 that waves of Vals and Zeroes would swarm Hawaii. Saying an attack might come somewhere is such a generalization that it can't really be wrong ... fortune tellers and telephone psychics depend on that very system to swindle customers, stating when/where/how is something nobody had before this offer sheet came down.

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