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I would still love to do a group power ranking but I looked very briefly at each roster and jotted down what I instantly thought about each roster. If you dont like what I wrote about your team, dont worry because I probably overlooked things and didn't properly analyze them by doing quick first impressions. Hope you guys enjoy the read and would love if somebody could do the same for my roster (Detroit).

Anaheim- Definitely and improved roster but still see them as a middle of the pack type team fighting for the playoffs. Just not enough depth to make a real push.

Boston- Gotta be the team to beat after winning it all last season. Great top end talent on D and a good forward core will make them a top team again.

Buffalo- Looks like a possible playoff team with decent depth at forward and some solid defensemen. Will be in the race for a playoff spot right until the end.

Calgary- Excellent top end talent at forward that should keep them in the playoff hunt. Not a lot of depth but the first line alone should get them where they want to go.

Carolina- A team that will be knocking on the door for the 1st overall pick next season. There is some hope for the future, but a lot of work needs to be done.

Chicago- Another team that should make the playoffs after rolling through the first 3 rounds of the playoffs. A team with solid forward depth and a good defense core.

Colorado- One of the top teams in the league with a great blend of offensive and defensive depth. Will need some of the surprise guys from last year to continue to produce to stay on top.

Columbus- Likely looking at one of the top 10 picks this upcoming summer there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make this team competitive. Some good high end pieces to build around but not much else.

Dallas- Full of underrated players that seem to produce, this team should be fighting for a playoff spot.

Detroit- My own team so I am biased but I see my team as having some of the best overall forward depth and solid D depth. I was in the top 3 all last season and only expect to improve with a fully healthy Kesler, Carcillo and a bounce back from Dubinsky.

Edmonton- One of the top 3 teams, this team oozes top end talent and I expect them to be one of the teams to beat. No true weakness on this team and great depth overall.

Florida- Look for this team to be one of the first up to the podium in June, they have only one dman signed as well as a very weak forward group.

LA- I see this team as one that will be on the outside looking in come playoff time. There is some good top end talent but not nearly enough depth to go anywhere.

Minnesota- This is a team that should be fighting for a playoff spot with a solid top 6 group. Outside of them, this team will be struggling to find points to push them into the playoffs.

Montreal- Should be a solid playoff team with good forward depth and solid defense. I donít expect them to be top 5 but wouldnít be surprised to see them finish top 10

Nashville- A team that should finish bottom five has a bright future ahead after stockpiling so many top picks, they just need to start producing.

New Jersey- A very good team last year that made some great moves throughout the season that set them up nicely again for this year, I expect to see them do well again even after losing some solid talent in FA.

NYI- A team that will be hunting for first overall this team traded away their one superstar and didnít fill the hole with much in the way of anything. Promise looks fairly far away with not even an elite prospect group to look forward to.

NYR- Should be fighting for a playoff sport but I expect them to fall outside. They have ok forward depth but not much after their top guys. Need to improve defense and goaltending to make a splash.

Ottawa- A team that was just on the outside last year will take a slight tumble this year after trading away some of the top guys for future talent. Will be on the outside looking in but some good talent has been acquired.

Philly- A team that surprised me last season should do well again this year but cant see another top 10 finish again. Good forward depth but nothing on defense.

Phoenix- A team that will be on the outside looking in has little depth anywhere.

Pittsburgh- Very good top end talent and has acquired some depth everywhere after the team had very few roster players last year. Should fight for a playoff sport and I expect them to get in.

San Jose- Should be a team on the fringe of making the playoffs, not great anywhere but has some solid forward depth that should keep them in contention for a spot.

St. Louis- I expect this to be a potential top 5 team, some excellent forward depth with some underrated players. The defense looks very good and this will be one of the teams to compete with at the end of the season.

Tampa Bay- Not a lot to like, just a roster full of good role players that might squeak into the playoffs but donít expect much.

Toronto. Some great top end talent but nothing behind them should make it so this team is fighting for a spot but falling up short.

Vancouver- This is definitely a playoff team but not one that will blow anyone way. Has built some solid depth at forward that will keep them in contention.

Washington- A team that will make the playoffs and should make some noise. Solid depth at each position makes this one of the stronger teams in the league.

Winnipeg- Really like what has been done to overhaul this team, went from a mediocre roster to one that has a lot of promise and will compete now and into the future. Will make the playoffs but I see them being a year or two away from making serious noise.

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