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Originally Posted by Baby Blues View Post
I was just thinking of posting the potential line combos. Here's how I'd see it, I'm sure it will change often:

line 1: Porter/Schwartz - Hensick - Nesbitt

Line2a: Barriball - McRae - Cracknell

Line 2b: Grachev - Murray - Wannstrom

Line 4: SDR - Nigro - Shattock

Line 5?: Beach - Sonne - Peluso

Extra: Bruton

Line 1: Assumes Rivs get either Porter or Schwartz; Hensick/Nesbitt combo was together last season
Line 2a: Barriball isn't much use on a checking line and he played well with McRae before; assume Cracknell can play RW
Line 2b: Shutdown line with Wannstrom playing with some vets
Line 4 could be any combo of 4 or 5. Nigro has been better than Sonne. Hard to say how Beach will stack up

Injuries and call-ups will change it all anyway.

Woywitka - Chorney
Ford - Fairchild
Ponich - Cundari

I'm really looking forward to following Peoria this coming season. They've got what looks to be a solid AHL team, with a good mix of veteran and prospects.

Their forwards look too numerous, especially if Andronov will join them. Woywitka should be the 7th defenceman on The Blues' roster (unless Armstrong makes the trade for a veteran LHD, AND a Blues' roster D-man goes back in the other direction). At least a couple of those 17 forwards will need to play in Alaska (Sonne, Bruton, Shattock?) They're not going to play Andronov in Alaska, and he's not likely to beat out anyone on The Blues' 3rd or 4th line (he'll need to adjust to North American rink size at least for 1/3 season, if not more (or even a whole season).

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