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12-02-2003, 09:58 AM
Jon Burke
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Personally I don't think that the Straka deal was THAT bad. Sure, they didn't get a whole lot for him, but there are a lot of players who are available right now and wouldn't cost a lot. Tons of teams are looking to dump salary with the CBA labor agreement looming and not a lot of players hold high trade value. I won't lie and say that the Straka deal was a great deal for the Penguins, but I don't think it was pathetic. Stars like Jagr, Kovalev and Bure have gotten little more than draft picks, prospects and fringe NHLers in return when they were moved. And Straka is not as good as them. So, I don't think the market for players like Straka is nearly as high as we think it is.