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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Those are only mistakes if they were outside of the guidance of the owners. If the guidance was to keep negotiating with the players and not trade ... not a mistake to do what your bosses say. If the guidance was to block potential offer sheets last summer and then continue to negotiate before the hearing, then arbitration was a prudent route and not a mistake. It's funny how Poile gets blamed for using a business tactic, but Weber gets none for doing the same thing this summer. The arbitration positions from both sides were absurd .. that's how the arbitration system works. The rumored offers from the team outside of arbitration at the time were long term, $7+million per ... not just the oft reported arbitration numbers.

Thinking Suter would give the Preds a last chance proved to be a mistake, but, it's debatable if the negotiations up to that point were a "mistake" without knowing what was offered and what actually transpired. The claim Poile "sat back" makes your observable an assumption, not fact. All reports from the days leading up to Suter's decision had the Preds making a "substantial" offer which counters the "sat back" claim.

Observables don't always reveal the facts that lead to them.
I think we've pretty well covered that the owners have said they don't know squat about hockey so I doubt they forced Poile to keep negotiating even after he said it was useless.

Fact remains that we lost Suter for nothing and are in almost the worst situation possible with Weber. If the owners truly did force Polie to that then we have a totally difference set of problems that we'll never be able to know about or do anything about.

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