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Originally Posted by Haute Couturier View Post
That's some incredible logic.

Going from 1st to 3rd in the division isn't better off.
Once again, comparing the results of two different seasons played under different circumstances/scenarios is completely useless and itself very illogical.

Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
It might be under the circumstances. The Pens got Crosby back and the Rangers got much better, as well. His logic is definitely flawed, though (unless he's not actually saying that last year was better than the year before, I couldn't quite tell whether he was just retorting to MsWoof). But basically, with the play-off system in place there's not really a clear metric showing what's better or not, other than the binary winning or not winning the Cup. We had the same amount of points in the regular season, and I think this is as close as you can come to "objectively" evaluating a season.

Anyway, with both seasons being so similar in the outcome, I think anyone claiming one was better than the other, and thinking that's anything but subjective, is a fool.
That's pretty much it, I was replying to snark with snark, and displaying how under any subjective measure (such as both being eliminated in the same round), one could use flawed logic to make flawed conclusions.

However, I never said they were better, and even said that directly:

edit: I mean this respectfully. I'm not even saying they were better, I'm just saying they were incredibly different, and comparing the results is useless given the difference in context.
MsWoof has hated the Richards/Carter trades on this board and the main board since the trades were made, I was just having some fun with that.

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