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07-21-2012, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Smashville615 View Post
Neither one of us know what ownership has had to do with anything. So you are assuming by even bringing them into the conversation. Negotiations were clearly a mistake since Suter left the Predators to go to the Wild. Its pretty clear Suter and Weber were looking out for #1 and that is them. Sorry but Suter and Weber are not going to sign for 7+ per when they know another team is going to come to bat with more. Poile should have seen this coming and if the owners said stay put than thats fine Poile is still going to be the head on the chopping block.
I've repeatedly said WE DON'T HAVE THE FACTS HERE. I'm also not the one screaming match the offer, fire Poile, or anything else. I've repeatedly said if Poile was given the resources and permission from the owners to make a similarly front loaded deal, the blame is his with the flipside being if he wasn't given the resources and/or permissions to do so, it's the owners who are truly to blame here. Suter and Weber aren't going to sign for $7+mil? That's EXACTLY what they just did on average ... 7.538 for Suter and 7.85 for Weber ... which all points to structure rather than total amount being the hurdle here. Structure requiring early spending that the owners need to authorize since it is their, not Poile's, money ... structure requiring liquidity that the team simply may not have. The reports are that Poile was shopping Weber at the time of the offer sheet ... so Poile was doing EXACTLY what we've seen complaints here that he didn't do. There are literally dozens of trade proposals filling various threads on HF ... none of which mean squat if the teams aren't willing to pony up the assets we, or the front office, want in return for Weber, the rights to Suter, or a bag of autographed Radek Bonk pucks.

Seeing a possible offer sheet coming is one thing. Poile and the owners saw that possibility. Seeing a poisoned offer such as this which contains over twice the previous record for signing bonuses under the current CBA, with more bonus money than Crosby makes total in the first six years of his contract (plus another $12mil in paragraph 1 salary) is something different entirely. It's the same as saying we should see a potential attack at some point in the future and being able to see specifically an event such as Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Looking through the boards prior to the offer sheet, I can't find a single prediction of a $68,000,000 bonus as part of an offer sheet or an offer that dwarfs even the Suter or Brad Richards deal in terms of bonuses and uninsurable money due a player.

Once again ... if Poile was operating according to the guidance of his bosses and within the parameters they set, he won't be fired because he did exactly what he was told to do. It didn't have the outcome any of us wished for, but, such is the real world.

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