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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Preparing to pay a lot of money isn't the same as being able to predict an unprecedented offer of this type. It's funny how you could say there was no way of seeing Pearl Harbor or 9/11 when in both circumstances there were indicators that AN attack could happen but nothing that spelled out something of the magnitude of what we experienced .... yet you claim that Poile and the owners should then have foreseen the offer sheet equivalent. Yes, everyone knew an offer sheet COULD happen, but, I've yet to find a post on HF predicting Philly with the record bonus containing offer that requires $52,000,000 in bonus money alone between the signing of the contract and July 1st, 2015 (just under three years). Maybe I missed it somewhere.

The assertion of " more than likely low ball offers" is just more pure speculation on your part. The reports surrounding the Suter offer have the Preds in the $90,000,000 range before the Wild's final, and eventually successful, offer.
It is funny huh kinda of the same situation. The Preds knew and offer sheet could come just like the united states govt knew an attack could occur. Neither one could be predicted. Not sure on your point but i will play along.
Yes that is what i stated Poile and the owners should have seen an offer sheet coming for Weber. Why would someone predict the bonus money amount or contract? What would be the point not sure where you are going on that one either.
Maybe i missed it but if i was a GM of a team and Weber was on it i would expect if a team put in an offer sheet it would not be for market value or market worth. It would be a lot more and something to prevent me from matching. Maybe i am missing something but that is common sense to me.

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