Thread: Confirmed with Link: Panthers acquire Casey Wellman
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07-22-2012, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
that's exactly what my point - that his quote is insinuating that is what he meant.
So when he's talking about Mueller he says it directly, but when he's talking about Wellman he insinuates? Now you're just contradicting yourself. He said "within our team". Our team, not the farm team.

i wasn't only talking to you - and the posts above me already comparing him to patrick sharp and anointing tallon a "legend" (lol) because he acquired Casey Wellman are pretty laughable...

lets wait a year or two before we cross that bridge shall we? i'm not saying wellman sucks - never seen him play. but people are getting carried away here bigtime.
I'm not saying he's the next Pat Sharp though. All I'm saying is he has a chance to make the team and he could be a contributor on the Panthers within the next couple years. You admittedly have never seen him play yet you've already written him off from making the team out of camp despite his numbers making a strong case to the contrary. He has a decent chance to make the team, that's all I'm saying. Nothing I'm saying is unreasonable here.

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