Thread: Speculation: How Much Will Kessel Make?
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07-22-2012, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Suntouchable13 View Post
If this year will be another basement dwelling year, I don't see why he would even consider signing an extension. The Leafs have to show him that they can put a winning team on the ice, and he has to prove that he can be a prime time player on a playoff team. So far he has been a prime time player on a mediocre to bad team. Can he be a top dog on a team that has aspirations of not only making the playoffs but winning the cup as well?
That's actually somewhat challenging considering who he's been playing with in his 3 years here. It's a lot easier to be a good player on a good team, surrounded by good players (who opponents can't ignore), than it is on a crappy team with crappy linemates.

I think the Leafs have more to prove to Phil than Phil does to the Leafs. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't just walk on us for nothing, or we don't have to settle for rental price for him if contract talks don't go well in a year and a half.

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