Thread: Classic with Video Domi vs Cairns
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07-22-2012, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Hobnobs View Post
No, not really. Aurel Joliat was much tougher than Domi and was a first liner.
Taking nothing away from Joliat, but he played in the 20's and 30's...
I find it really hard ro believe you can so definitively tell us he was much tougher than Domi, or anyone else for that matter.
If you were 10 yrs old when you saw him fight, that would make you at least 90+ years of age, and my guess is you are not posting on here at that age.
More likely you have heard 2nd and 3rd hand stories about Joliat (at best). That is not a lot to go on, is it?

I really disliked Tie at times throughout his career, but I have a tonne of respect for him. He was an absolute warrior. Based upon the other tougher, smaller fighters I've seen, ranging from Jonathan to Rypien, Tie was by far the best. He fought the best of the best for a long long time amd traded shots with them to boot. No wrestling or trying to get position all fight. Tie was by far the best little guy I ever saw, and rightfully should be mentioned amongst the best of all time. In my opinion he is a legit name to mention in the top 20 of all time.

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