Thread: Speculation: How Much Will Kessel Make?
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07-22-2012, 05:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Faltorvo View Post
IF the new CBA limits contracts to 5/7 years then the #s i have been reading here are way off base.

Take a look at these retirement contracts and the real $ paid out in the first 5/7 years of them and stop looking at the deflated cap hit, for crying out loud.

What do you think Kessel and his agent are going to shoot for? Matching the cap hits of the other elite players or matching the truth of the first 5/7 years of them?

Our only elite player gots to get paid and as we saw with Boston, he and his agent ain't shy.

If the CBA changes you all better start looking well north of 8.5m per.

The inflated retirement contracts are only paying out as well as they are because teams can circumvent the cap.

Once the ability to circumvent disappears so do the "real" numbers as well.

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