Thread: Speculation: How Much Will Kessel Make?
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07-22-2012, 05:45 AM
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If the NEW CBA unfolds as the league and owners want (term restrictions no signing bonus) the days of the hometown discount will be over, every player like Kessel will be seeking on every contract max term and max dollars. They will be instructed to do so by the NHLPA. And in any new negotiation between Phil's agent and Burke, who do you think has all the leverage? Ah, that would be Phil considering what Burke had to surrender to acquire him in the first place. and if he ever manages to hit the 40 goal plateau or heaven forbid lead the leafs into a playoff appearance, then Phil has Burke and MLSE right where he wants them and like in any contract negotiation, you are worth whatever you can negotiate. Phil can ask for max dollars whatever that will be in 2 years time, and if Burke has any doubt he won't re-sign with the leafs, and he looks to be heading to UFA status, then burke has no other choice but to trade him rather than risk losing him and get nothing in return. If Burke hasn't been fired by that time, he will most certainly be fired if that scenario unfolds.

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