Thread: Speculation: How Much Will Kessel Make?
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07-22-2012, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Faltorvo View Post
Well i won't go that far, as to say they will shoot for the cap max, in 2 years that could be 16m per.

But your are right in saying the Kessel and his agent have us by the shorts and curlys. Our only elite player and the cost to aquire him and lets not forget, the Kessel camp has already shown the truculence needed to make strong demands and risk the open market when they played hard ball with his first negotiable contract.

This will be his defining contract , the one that is to set him and his future family up for generations.

But a comparible to what the elites are actually getting paid in the first 5/7 years, 9.5m/ 10.5m per in 2 years time is in the ball park.

The cap and what is defined hockey related revenue will shrink in the new CBA (or at least it appears to be going that way) If that happens and the new CAP is say set at 60 million and max salary is 19% of that, the owners having negotiated term limits and no salary bonus, you think Phil's agent is not going to ask MLSE 5 years Max dollars, give it to me or I walk as a UFA July 1. I know that's what I would do...hey owners, you negotiated the CBA, you wanted it, now you live with it. Phil may not get max dollars on the open market, but I'm sure a team like the Wild will be willing to get close to that number.

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