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07-22-2012, 07:25 AM
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Originally Posted by BergMan View Post
Stopped my lurking streak to post in this thread haha.

I have wanted Cola gone since it was between weaver and him staying.
I'll be honest I probably have just unwarranted anger towards him now but I just can't stand watching him play.

I feel as if he is very consistent with bad defense and injuries. He even throws in some just unbelievably boneheaded plays now and then for kicks. Every now and then he goes on a scoring streak and its bearable but you know it going to run out.

Just some examples of why I don't want him back (obviously some details wont come back to me so I can't find video of the instances but im sure this may spark your memory or another persons):

Standing up for your d partner is a good thing. taking a penalty with a minute left when you are down by one is stupid. But not just taking a penalty and teaching a guy a lesson for another time, cola decided to headlock a guy for at least 30 seconds. not even a tough play because he just hung on while the guy skated his way to the front of the net just dragging cola with him. The stupidest play I have seen in my life

In the playoffs when pietro was gone and couldn't cover up his mistakes cola was the last man back with one fore checker on him. so he starts to curl back behind our blue line (keep in mind he shoots on his left side). He had two easy, and smart moves: turning and making a careful play up the left boards to the player waiting at the red line, or bringing it to his back hand and trying to take a step to make a careful play to his partner who was waiting on the right side of our blue line. Instead he decides to keep skating to the right, while pulling the puck further to his forehand reducing his angle to make a successful pass. Then he limp wrists it into the feet of the forecheker and its soon in the back of our net with a kopitar highlight reel play.

While i only mentioned two instances these types of moments are so regular for him i honestly feel he holds pietro back. Yes he was a +7 but he was also playing with a second team all NHL defense man. If we put someone that can skate and just make some safe plays i think we will see peitro grow even more.

In conclusion, I feel russel is a more capable partner than coliacovo and would take my chances with him than have another year where pietro is held back by cola.

Like BergMan said : I have wanted Cola gone since it was between weaver and him staying.

It's time for Cole, a former 1st round pick , to step into the lineup full time now.

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