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07-22-2012, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
There looms the very real, perhaps even likely possibility that the Phillies are going to be a bad team for the next few years. Fans must take off their blinders and acknowledge the reality of the situation instead of wallowing in the delusion of yesteryear's successes. Objective viewers have seen the downfall coming for some time, so I don't view this season as a fluke so much as just an inevitability fulfilling its destiny. All the people who wanted to cry injuries as being the reason for 2012 going off the rails... well, this team has been demonstrably WORSE since getting healthy. It's not going to change in 2013. Amaro will probably just throw more money at the problems plaguing the Phillies once the offseason gets into swing, therefore digging the hole even deeper. Can't wait.

Oh, and I'd sell off Halladay and Lee during the offseason or next season, provided their declines don't accelerate too rapidly and they have any value remaining.

Lean times ahead, people. Prepare yourselves.
I've been looking forward to it!

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