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07-22-2012, 08:57 AM
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If Bettman had any integrity, he'd void the offer. Philly sat down and said: "Lets misuse bonus money to create a contract that circumvents the spirit of the salary cap and bullies a small market team into giving up its best player because we want him and since we're a big market team who can afford to make such a huge percentage upfront, we're gonna do what we want."

It uses calendar years and contract years in an insidious manner to create this $27mm bubble in 12 months. Ingenius in it's manipulation of the current rules. I bet they patting themselves on the back coming up with this stink bomb.

The lawyers out there marvel at the slight of hand the way all dishonest selfish people appear to technically follow the rules when their intent is to break their spirit.

There is enough smoke here for Bettman to void the offer. He may not because it's Phlly and Comcast and the league wanting Philly to be a bigger draw and a Cup contender, versus Nashville. Bettman, however, has been a crusader for the small market teams and hockey in the South. If he allows this travesty to go thru, then he's a fraud.

PLEASE don't respond with posts justifying this offer as "within the technical rules". I read the comparison to Kovy and it's close enough to that travesty to void the contract. Nobody on this thread is denying what Philly is doing here. This offer is designed to make a joke of the salary cap. If the cap becomes $70mm, and Philly gets Weber, and they spend to the Cap, they'll be spending $97mm over the next 12 months in cash flow. STOP with the calendar/contract year argument. If this were your checkbook, after 12 months you'd look in it and see you've written out checks for $97mm roughly.

Philly is manipuling the rules to crush a small market team. The Cap was designed to protect small market teams so that this exact thing doesn't happen. It's happening because some Cap lawyers sat in a conference room in Philly and said, "hey, how about if we do this. This crushes them but technically may stay with the rules". Then they all went out for a drink and congratulated themselves because they're so damn smart.

Having a "spirit of the rule" provision for the league is there for this exact circumstance. There is no way of forecasting how devious people will try to bend the rules when you set up a rule. Everyone understands the spirit of the rule so if some smart guys dream up something like this, Bettman should read it for what it is, and kill it.

Don't say he doesn't have the authority. It's about "spirit". It's an opinion, not a fact. He can void it if he wants to.

Slap down the Big Market Bullies and hold to your spirit, Bettman.

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