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Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
So Bettman voids the contract, Weber signs a 1 year deal and he's gone next offseason. Does that really put Nashville in the position it wants to be in? Sure, maybe they can get a better offer for Weber in a trade, but Weber is gone. The 14 year contract is a blessing for Nashville if they are serious about being a cap ceiling team. Weber's contract after the initial calendar year isn't horrible financially and is actually a sweetheart deal about halfway through for Nashville.
That's a false choice. This offer is a no-brainer in it's total value if not for the front loading. Void it, let Philly alter it by removing the front loading, and then let Nashville make it's choice. Nobody is talking about a 1 year contract, especially Weber. Normally, he'd want that so he could get to UFAville next year, however the CBA uncertainty has flipped that. Suter set the market price, Weber is worth more, the Preds and plenty of other teams will pay it, but not with enormous frontloading making a mockery of the Cap.

Remove the "predatory" nature of the front loading, and Philly loses because it's that very front loading that's wrong and causing Nashville to choose between losing it's franchising player or keeping him and having to pay an enormous, unfair percentage of the total contract in the first few years.

Philly knows what they're doing, and so does everyone around this issue. Normally in law, there is no provision for "the spirit of the law". That's how clever lawyers make their money: find technicalities. This rule has that provision.

If it walks and talks and acts like a duck, it's a f'ing duck.

Bettman, shoot the duck or move out of the South and the small markets and go back to 16 teams. I'm sure Philly fans are all for that anyway.

...... and another dang thing. This crap about "fixing" this in the next CBA. Fixing what? If this move does an end-around on the spirit of the rule so we need to specifically tighten up the rule in the next CBA, then it proves this is a perversion of the current rule.

So void the offer AND fix it in the next CBA so you don't have to waste time and attention going thru this waiting game in the future.

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