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07-22-2012, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
I'm still not so sure. If Poile was given free reign to spend whatever, in any format, to keep Weber then yes, he deserves all blame here ... all pitchforks and torches would be appropriate. If he was told to negotiate with Weber and Suter within a set of constraints that eventually led to these situations .. then the blame lies above Poile.

How much of this is Poile's decision making ... how much is the ownership's restrictions and guidance ... how much is CBA uncertainty driving players to demand huge bonuses the Preds simply might not be able to afford ... how much is player greed ... how much is a reasonable tactic that just got beat out ... how much was a mistake from jump ... how many of the details will we ever know to honestly assess those things?
While Poile may or may not have constraints given to him, if he did, he should've known he didn't have the bucks to sign Suter or Weber and gotten fair market value for them. While people say you can't trade guys in the midst of a chance at the Cup, you can't lose two elite defensemen in the course of three weeks either, not for a piddly 4 1st round picks. He has to have enough foresight to go, hey, Suter hasn't re-signed, we may need to get something for him. Hey, Weber isn't signing long term either, hmmm, something just might be up here.

Basically Suter and Weber were each waiting for the other to sign here in Nashville. From my understanding, Poile never sat down with both Suter and Weber and said, guys, we want to build the franchise around you both, sign long term, we'll give you the long term money you want and this way, we can build a team around you. Instead, he talked to both separately and because of the lack of communication, has lost Suter and is in a no win situation with Weber.

I understand your points about constraints with ownership and the buck may stop with them but he can't know about the constraints and not doing anything about the situation with his two best players. Holland always gets credit for guys to buy into Detroit, their system, the franchise, the team and gets guys below market value to build a team around the key pieces. Poile and ownership were willing to pay market price and these guys still signed elsewhere. Something is not adding up to me from what is being presented thru the media and the boards.

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