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Originally Posted by RTstars11 View Post
The Prestige is incredible. I would recommend seeing The Illusionist if you haven't yet. It's similar to The Prestige in the magician / plot twist sort of way, and Rufus Sewell is fantastic in it.
Loved "The Prestige." Hated "The Illusionist."

Both came out around the same time. Regarding the magic, "The Illusionist" relied too much on mystical powers whereas "The Prestige" showed us HOW the tricks were executed. Beyond that, the story was amazing about two rival magicians one-upping each other. Insert a bit of real science, some science fiction, freakin' David Bowie as Nikola Tesla, cool plot twists (but not too confusing so you can still connect all the dots together), and introspective philosophical questions ("Would I do that?"), and you get one of my favorite movies of the 2000s.

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