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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
He is still an 18 year AHL rookie. Something thats a rarity and on average usually doesn't work out. So I see zero point in forcing him into a top line role. He has plenty of years to develop into the player he is projected to be. If he earned his way up to those lines and was ready to handle that, then fine he plays there.

It seems like its about rushing him for you. A long view would realize it may take a year or two in the AHL before he is ready for an extended taste of the NHL.
To take a contrarian point of view, what do you do if he shows in NHL and AHL training camp that he is clearly one of the 6 best forwards on the Amerks? Do you still start him in a lesser role or do you see if he can hold up to the challenge once the season starts?

I would suggest that they aren't taking a long-term view with Girgensons. I make that fairly cockamamie suggestion that they are planning for him to contribute in Buffalo this year, which is extreme but I'm not sure it's that far off. Sending an 18 year old from the USHL to the AHL is a bold move and IMO, doesn't jive with the idea that they expect him to spend upwards of two years in the AHL. Based on what we know about Girgensons' abilities and personality, and their handling of him so far, I believe he's on a fast track. IMO, if he isn't a regular NHL player by around Jan 1, 2014, I would be pretty surprised. If he ends up in the WHL this year, I reserve the right to change that opinion.

I've somewhat hijacked this into a Girgensons thread. Sorry.

I think the best case scenario for Rochester is if we add another top 9 forward without giving one up.
This I certainly agree with.

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