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07-22-2012, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by vandyfan84 View Post
I was just answering the posters question. I don't think it makes sense to pay Weber 26 million for one season and then trade him. If we can match, I say match and keep him. Though we really could go to any team and name our price.

I just don't think ownership has this type of liquid capital and I think the contract is BS. Only a handful of teams have that type of liquid capital, on hand, right this second.

I also agree with an earlier poster, a "signing bonus" by definition is a bonus when you actually sign the deal. How the hell is a signing bonus allowed to be carried out for 4 years is beyond me. A signing bonus should be a 1 time payment when the player signs.
I might be mistaken, but I think ironically the "spreading signing bonuses over several years" was supposed to actually HELP small market teams like us who may not be able to offer a monster bonus at the time of signing. If that's the case, then this offer sheet is obviously a total abuse of the spirit of that rule.

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