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07-22-2012, 11:04 AM
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I do think there will be a work stoppage. I don't blame players for wanting to get a bigger share of the pie. I don't blame owners for saying no. Lets not forget that in all of this it is the owners who shoulder the largest risk.

Players expect big raises when they have a couple good years. When they don't perform up to the contract they don't give the money back. These contracts handcuff teams for years.

Teams spend millions of dollars developing talent only to have them run when they are UFA if their team doesn't pony up the money they believe they are worth... never mind the fact that the team is largely responsible for the development of their talent. This money is not recouped and they get no compensation for the player. Add to this the KHL factor and I'd wanna lock up shop too.

Teams spend millions of dollars branding their franchises and players want 50% of this pie. They pay nothing for the production or advertising though. I don't buy a habs sweater because of the name on the back.

Players rights need to be protected for sure, years ago the owners tread all over them. But I'm not going to feel sorry for the players on this today. Salaries are higher and more stupid than ever. If you and I feel angry about the Gomez contract imagine how Geoff Molson feel.... he's the one signing the cheque.

Player agents are the real blame. I don't know what their percentage is, but I'm sure it's ridiculous. They have no real scruples as far as I can tell. They have no disclosure rules to keep them honest. They can lie all they want... and do. Do you really think Parise is worth that contract.... maybe... and thats a big maybe for the next couple years... but for the better part of it it won't be. Best year ever to be a mediocre UFA... his agent played Minny to the hilt and thats where Parise wanted to go anyway.....

I haven't watched a baseball game since 1994. Greedy ********. If this goes the same way I'll find another way to spend my entertainment dollar.

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