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Originally Posted by neksys View Post

The good news is they've instituted a "Gretzky rule" - you can score three goals, but after that your goals are disallowed and given to the other team. Helps discourage the best players from running up the scores - and encourages those players to set up the weaker players instead. No limit on assists!
I like that - in a rec league where you have lots of different skill levels, it can make the game more fun for everyone. In my beginner's league, there are some true beginners in there - but also some people who obviously have been playing for a while. They can skate circles around the n00bs and it can get kind of depressing. It seems that it's always the same couple of people who score every time, and no wonder that they do - nobody else can keep up with them!

I also think it's a really good idea to get people to think more about how to set up your teammates for goals rather than always taking them yourself. I've seen players who never think about anything but taking the shot, even if they aren't in the best position to get it to the net - and their linemate may be right there, in good position, waiting for a pass that could lead to something good.

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