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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I've already agreed that if he shows in camp he is ready for a shot in the top 6 then give him one. Isn't that what you're saying? I'm not even sure what you're disagreeing with at this point.
A couple time your post went up while I was writing mine. Timing issue, nothing more. Elbows down.

Btw why not the same mentality with Sundher? Wouldn't the same arguement you made about Goose apply to him as well?
Sure, of course. Doesn't Sundher need to fill out his body, though, in a way that Girgensons doesn't? I'm assuming the physical transition is going to be more impactful for him, but the competition/speed jump may not be as big an issue. There are plenty of people who think Girgensons is ready for the pros and a lot of that is based on his physique, desire and skill level at his age. That's not to diminish Sundher but it is also why I assumed him at LW in that pair a dozen posts ago. Most of it relates to two having two skilled prospects, but the younger has the more pro-ready body.

Obviously everything I've said pertaining to Girgensons applies to Sundher as well and I certainly have no problem pushing him up the ladder along with, or in lieu of, Girgensons if he ultimately adapts to the pros quicker.From a practical standpoint, there will probably be enough top 6 jobs open in Rochester whenever either is ready for one. [EDIT: example. I might prefer Sundher on a wing with Varone if it keeps Girgensons at center on a 3rd line.]

Guys like Sundher, slight-ish speed/skill players, I usually give a couple years to adjust to the competition level but if he's ready earlier, why would I complain? However Girgensons is also a priority prospect. Hopefully Sundher can develop into an NHL player. They need Girgensons to.

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