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Originally Posted by deftones1986 View Post
I have a question for Predators fans.

What does all of this say about Weber wanting to play for your team?

Do you really want him playing for you or do you just want to stick it to Philly for being a bully?

I'm just trying to get a grasp on how you guys really value Weber.

It seems clear that Weber would rather play for Philly, but he also must not mind the possibility of playing for Nashville as well since he knows we might match this offer sheet. I say he would rather play for Philly because: he didn't sign an extension with us either last summer or before all these shenanigans started, the offer sheet is designed to be extremely difficult for us to match, and statements from his agent. I do think if we match it could be a statement to him that we're willing to spend big dollars...but if he still isn't satisfied with Nashville he can always demand a trade in a year.

Of course we want him playing for us; he's arguably the best defenseman in the game. I think one thing most Predators fans can agree on is: none of us want to lose him for 4 first-round picks. If we are going to lose him, we want it to be for a package of NHL-ready players (whether it comes in the form of a "gentleman's agreement" with Philly if we don't match or via trade with another team in a year if we do).

We value Weber WAY more than 4 low first-round draft picks, that's for sure.

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