Thread: OT: PSU Death Penalty?
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07-22-2012, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Zbynek View Post
As a PSU student who just graduated in May and spent the past 4 years in State College, I can firmly attest that it would be a huge mistake if Penn State football gets the "death penalty".

Why blame the students, the players, those who weren't involved whatsoever? All that would do is make it straight up impossible for Penn State to ever recover from this whole fiasco. You purge the administration and staff and start over. You don't axe the whole football team.
Right - don't blame the students, players or even the NCAA. Blame Sandusky, Paterno, McQueery, and every other person at PSU that put football and money ahead of the safety of children. PSU should have shut down their program the minute this all came out. They should have fired Paterno 10 years ago when they found out he was providing his sick pervert buddy free access to boys.

How in the hell can the NCAA not act? Sure it's a stupid organization - but when the worst scandal EVER takes place - how can they not act? You PSU fans who want to whine about the fans and the players being punished - think about what caused this - your institution, your coach, your leadership FAILED and dozens of boys lives were completely ruined as a result. And you want to complain about losing your football. Pathetic.

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