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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
Once again, Weber was never offered $5m. Everyone who throws out the arbitration figure is ignoring the context. It isn't an offer. It is a neogitation starting point. Teams always offer a low figure while the player and his rep will offer high figure. It is how arbitration works. It has been discussed ad nauseam since last summer.

Weber wasn't signed last year because Poile didn't want to give him a 3 year deal. He wanted a longer deal. Weber did not.
from what i understand in arbitration. each side makes an offer and the arbitrator must choose which side is better. they offered Weber 4.75m, a lowball offer, there was no negotiating involved. it was one or the other. maybe it was a tactic, but i'm sure it upset Weber a bit.

this summer, talks broke down and they couldn't come to an agreement. this has been confirmed by Weber's agent. so Poile didn't want to give him 3 years last year, what's the excuse this year? Weber wanted an extention, a deal 10 years or longer, Poile wanted something closer to 7 years and around 7m. not 14 years and 8m. my point being, the two sides were very far apart. so, if Nashville wasn't okay with Weber's demands before, why would they agree to them now? could've saved them a lot of trouble.

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