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07-22-2012, 03:47 PM
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I have wanted Carlo off the roster since the Blues kept him over Weaver. Between the injuries, the seemingly constant D-zone mistakes, and the poor offensive production, little would make me happier with this franchise than seeing Carlo signed elsewhere.

That said, I would be OK with his return to the Blues ONLY as a 7th (edit 8th) defenseman on a dirt cheap, one-year, two-way contract, once all other defensive options have been exhausted. He is far too injury prone and defensively weak to rely on in any type of regular capacity. This gives us some cheap depth with experience in our system while allowing Carlo a shot at redeeming himself (a la Oshie and Stewart) for a contract the following season.

edit: But, um, didn't we already sign Woywitka to be our 7th?

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