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07-22-2012, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Pretty much worthless unless the NCAA also takes an active role in forcing an actual enforcement department on Penn State and takes precautions with the understanding that failure to effectively enforce child safety requirements and to report criminal proceedings in the future will lead to even greater punishments.

That's one of the reasons why the NCAA should've put down the death penalty on Penn State's football program, so as to ensure that the university actually made the relevant changes required to prevent something like this from ever happening again before they fielded their football team again, like their actions in shutting down SMU until they were confident that such gross recruitment violations were a thing of the past there, too.

If the punishments being rumored are all that the NCAA's considering, it's nothing more than beating up a monster, throwing it to the ground, and walking away, hoping that it's changed for the better by the time it gets back up.

On top of that, sorry.... but complaining that the NCAA should care about the economic well-being of the local community if the football program was shut down is just garbage. That's for the community leaders to worry about, like a certain football coach, athletics director, vice president of the university, and a president of a university. But hey, they didn't care about that and were more concerned with sticking their heads in the sand than deal with the problem at their doorsteps, so why should the NCAA worry about that if Penn State's higher ups weren't?
No, what's garbage is that fact that the NCAA has any say in this matter at all.

This is a criminal investigation. The NCAA has reign only over the athletic programs. They can punish the athletic programs, but as soon as it begins to harm the education of the students and the income of those un-involved with the scandal it has gone too far.

Let the law dictate the punishment for those involved. The NCAA is not the law as much as it wants to be. In the end it only hurts those who don't deserve to be hurt because the rest will be more than taken care of by the judicial system.

The only reason the NCAA is involved at all is to protect their own image. It's all about the money. Do you really think they care that much about this?

The NCAA is in it to protect themselves just like Paterno was protecting himself.

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