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07-22-2012, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Zombotron View Post
I get this idea that it has to do with the change of Vancouver from a blue-collar to a white-collar city and the associated shift in attitude. People are less rowdy nowadays. That, and/or the exorbitant ticket prices in 2011 were keeping out the average joes who would contribute to a better atmosphere.

Am I making sense?
What were the ticket prices back then, if anyone knows? Probably plays a HUGE factor in what type of fan you have going to playoff games, especially SCF. All of the better/rowdy/diehard Canuck fans weren't able to muster up a boatload of money for Game 7, and instead stood outside for free to watch.

I think you make sense though. I'm guessing there were less bandwagon fans back then as well seeing as now it's "cool" to like the Canucks if you live in the lower mainland or BC.

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