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Originally Posted by Beerz View Post
I believe he meant the freed up cap space facilitated the Brygz signing.......and that is still their biggest obstacle.
I hear ya. Sure it's not the prettiest contract ever. However, his shifting 2 expensive centers into 2 young potentially equally capable centers and 2 good young forwards, while using that newly free cap space in an attempt to solidify their poor goaltending (which has been their biggest obstacle to contention for a decade plus) is a creative and ballsy maneuver. Bryz had some very good stretches last season and considering the keepers who have managed to win the cup in the last decade, he could certainly take a great (thanks to Homer) Flyers team there. The cap will most likely continue to rise. The Flyers had the flexibility to offer sheet Weber even with this supposedly disastrous contract on the books. If the cap is something like $85 million in 2019, even a useless goalie making 5.66 cap and 1.25 real salary won't hurt at all.

My main point wasn't to compare him to Darcy. They have clearly worked in disparate situations. However comparison does not require perfectly comparable conditions. Holmgren has been brave in moving stars for futures in down times, and conversely futures for stars when in contention. Darcy 2.0 has and will continue to operate in a similar manner I believe.

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