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07-22-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Sorry, but this is where I need to disagree with you.

Do you really think that if this exact same situation happened in the Penn State baseball program or volleyball program or track and field program that the university higher ups would've cowered in fear and kept hiding it for as long as possible? Or if it happened in the music department or physics department or the college of liberal arts?

This all happened because it happened in the football program, and every one of the higher ups that had authority over that goliath was too afraid to rock the boat and potentially harm it than they were then informing the authorities of the crimes that had/were taking place and protecting the well-being of the victims.

That's why the NCAA can, should, and is getting involved. The football program was apparently more important than everything else at Penn State, and as such the school had a bunch of otherwise intelligent, accomplished, apparently well-intentioned, and powerful individuals all duck and cover rather than face the problems that were right in front of them.

This absolutely was a football problem.

And no, it's not like a student athlete stealing a soda. It's like a student athlete operating a meth lab in the locker room and giving the drugs out to minors on Penn State facilities for years all the while the higher ups that had the power and the knowledge to stop it did nothing. I'd say that that would be worthy of punishment from the NCAA as well.
I agree with you. You're making the same point as me, you're just taking it in the wrong direction.

See bold: It's exactly the same as the soda example accept it was covered up. That cover up is what I see the NCAA having grounds on. NCAA affiliated parties were involved in that cover up.

At this point the NCAA should get involved in so much as that cover up. They should not be involved or make comments on any of the criminal activity outside of the fact that it was disgusting and that they do not wish to be associated with it.

Because of the cover up the NCAA should absolutely show that such actions should not and will not be tolerated by punishing the PROGRAM which was involved in the cover up.

That said, the students, the university outside of a few higher ups who have already been removed/penalized, and the community were not involved in the cover up, and for all intents and purposes concerning this case, are not relevant to the NCAA involvement in PSU. The NCAA therefore has no grounds to terminate, suspend, or do anything that would result in similar results to the PSU football program.

Make them into a lesser prestige program? Sure. Hurt there chances to compete? Sure. Take away their ability to make incredible amounts of money based on their namesake? Sure.

Do not eradicate or effectively eradicate them from existence and do not hurt the NCAA members of other athletic programs at PSU.

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