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12-02-2003, 10:37 AM
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Interesting players mentioned as 'core' players guys...

I am now going to go through the team's depth and explain the reason as to why the players are/aren't included...


11 S. Koivu: To me as I've stated in many other posts currently around :p ... Koivu sets a very good example of what type of intensity and work ethic should be seen in order to stay in Montreal... (core)

71 M. Ribeiro: Could be core player, however based on previous performances, he will have to continue to impress me in order to make my core line-up.. IMHO, there are other potential impact Centermen in the organization that could unseat him... (on the fence)

94 Y. Perrault: Good player while he was here, received a lot of criticism... perhaps by overexpectations... However, I do nopt see him in future plans esp. after his contract runs out this summer. (gone)

25 C. Kilger: I included him in the center list, as Gainey/Julien were talking about him being third line center in the team's future... He still has youth, and a 2 -year contract to turn his fortunes around in Montreal... I put him in the same boat as Ribeiro... He could finally mature, if not, he'll be looking for a job in another town (I really want him to mature though, as he has what we lack, size up the middle) (on the fence)

90 Joe Juneau: Good first year, bad second... mediocre third, age is hitting his game, as he is losing his effectiveness on the penalty kill. Looks to be Joey's swan song as an NHL'er. (gone)

22 Steve Begin: He has been a bright spot on our fourth line. Bringin a lot of what we lacked much of last year (intensity, and willingness to crash and bang). He's a keeper, as long as he continues to do so. (core)

-- C. Higgins: In the minors, this first rounder is doing great down there by all accounts... Voted by us (at HF Boards Montreal site) to be the next impact rookie... future looks good for young Higgs (core)

46 B. Gratton: Great in the AHL, brings similar spark as Begin (just not as much, but is more offensively gifted) I do not see him in future plans other as spot player (on the fence)

-- C. Larrivee: Playing in the ECHL right now, he has a long way to go... To early to judge anything. (N/A)

-- C. Urquhart: Has been very impressive this year, management (Savard in particular) was very high on him on draft day... and we are figuring out why ... I think he'll be in a future battle for a second line role (I think he is the potential that can possibly unseat Rib's one day as second line center) (N/A)

-- M. LaPierre: Has been mentioned as playing a similar game as John Madden... A goo PK'er (so it has been said at least)... Not a pure goalscorer, but a year out of draft, he already knows that... Future key Cog??? (N/A)

-- C. Locke: He seems like an all or nothing pick... Has tremendous talent in the OHL, however will he be able to bring it to the NHL??? He has a lot of character... So I will not bet against him. (N/A)

-- A. Deveaux: What a difference a year makes He has been a pleasent surprise this year, and should get some looks in terms of a contract this summer, this summer will definately say where he is headed in the not so distant future with our team. (N/A)

-- S. Selig: GONZO!!!!

Wingers to come in a bit

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