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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Nice writeup. It's refreshing to get some perspective from someone who is able to see these guys on a regular basis.

For all the plaudits we hear about Murphy's offense, it's disturbing to think of him as basically just another MAB in the making.
I didn't mean to be THAT critical of his game, maybe the writing gives off a vibe that I don't think he can develop into a capable, full time, NHL defender.

In his draft season, Murphy's defensive game made great strides by year's end. He was even starting to add a bit of a mean streak to his game in the way of open ice hits (ala a guy like Ryan Ellis).

This year, it was a classic case of a guy trying to do too much. He came back from the NHL camp...late because he was given a long look, and tried to do too much. In reality, all Murphy had to go was be himself and continue to do what he does best offensively. But he was trying to hard and it resulted in turnovers and bad reads. As such, his defensive game took a hit because he was spending so much time trying to make an impact offensively.

Towards the end of the season, he played much better. Next year is a big one for him. In his last year in the league (assuming he's sent back), it will be crucial for him to work within his means, get back to playing within a comfortable range offensively, but also working hard to improve his game in his own end. In essence, really putting the team on his back.

I still think he can be a quality NHL defenseman and play a regular shift. Throwing out the MAB comparisons at this point might be a tad harsh. There's no reason to suggest that Murphy can't at least be a Brian Campbell type of guy.

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