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07-22-2012, 06:58 PM
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The same success that causes us to have fewer slots for our kids to matriculate into is also the same thing that makes them want to remain a King. I have to admit that I thought that re-signing Stoll was a mistake from an org standpoint for this very reason, it is frustrating to developing players who are ready to make their mark in the NHL to have to wait for a slot to open up for them and as such we will see a few of them leave us along the way.

That said we just won the cup, every kid in the org wants to win the cup. We have proven that we can win the cup and in doing so that we are in our window of op with our current roster so in order for one of them to get their shot at the big club they have to beat out what we have or wait their turn, or even possibly both.

Toffi will be ready for the NHL soon and if things work out right Williams will become a UFA right around the time he is. Andy A is NHL ready along with a few of our other forwards but who would he replace? King? Nolan? Clifford? or one of our top 6 forwards? Not likely or at least not yet.

The point is that while I agree that Muzzin has been NHL ready and that Hickey is as well to name two that we are at a point where these young players have to ask themselves the same hard questions that other highly successful teams kids have to ask and that is do I want a shot at winning a cup with my current excellent team or am I willing to gamble to get a shot to play with any NHL team.

Some will go and some will stay.

The thing to remember or maybe understand is that the reason that successful teams are able to hang onto their talented kids and develop them more slowly without having them bolt is the amount of effort those teams put into developing and maintaining these kids.

What happens when a kid is on the farm depends partly on their development/skills but also on how much time money and effort their parent team is willing to invest in them.

Some kids get allot of attention and others not so much. Some make it some get dealt or bolt but in the end it is up to their parent teams as to what the outcome is most of the time.

We are so ridiculously overloaded with NHL talented character 3/4 liners up front and skilled/tuff/smart blueliners down on the farm that even if we see one or two decide to move along on their own or get dealt we will still be crazy deep for the next few years.

No surprises on our signings. Meckler maybe a little but he is so good for the Monarchs that I can see it.

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