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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
Spirit of the cap? What is it you figure that means. Every time Bettman locks out the players for some sort of salary cap, the only spirit of that cap that seems evident is that the players take a pay cut of a few hundred million dollars, and then several years later bettman is up to bat for his next pitch, promising this tweak will get it right.

We will do everything that most successful league doe - the NFL. Except for th eone thing that allegedly made them so successful - revenue sharing. Something the owners are hoping the players propose because they apparently cant bring themsleves to do it.

If we could sign Karlsson now for a cap hit of $5mil a year, and promise to let him play as long as he wanted to play, that would be a great home team discount eh? Would that violate the "spirit of the cap"?

How about 30 owners locking the players and fans out for a year to implement their perfect solution, only to neglect to include enough revenue sharing to make it work? Does that violate the "spirit of the cap" do ya think?

Do you think when fans say "spirit of the cap" it means the same things as to the owners when they say it?

Not me.
Spirit of the Cap, as defined by your affiliation:

Big market teams - Capping player salaries so the money required to keep small franchises afloat isn't coming out of your own pocket, but instead, out of the player's pocket

Small market teams - Capping player salaries so rich teams cannot build championship teams simply by buying the best players at prices the small market teams cannot afford to pay without going into the red

Players - Tying player salaries directly into revenues, so the players are always receiving a fair chunk of the pie relative to the owners.

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