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Originally Posted by Derp Kassian View Post
Anyone think Ed Snider, a powerful owner got an inside track on the Preds financial capabilities and that's why the Flyers were so aggressive?
It doesn't take much to figure out the Preds can handle big contracts only if spread over a longer term with short term liquidity being a hurdle. It's common knowledge that the Preds are a team that operates near the break even point even after non-hockey events are taken into consideration. It's no secret that while our owners are far from poor by the common definition, they lack the extremely deep pockets of an Ed Snider.

Originally Posted by ILikeItILoveIt View Post
I would think it's the exact opposite. If Plan A is to force a favorable trade but Plan B is to match, you wait out Holmgren. That s-head will only give up Couts if it's his only chance to get Shea. If he believes he can get Shea with the picks along (i.e. Poile doesn't match), he'll just wait Poile out.

So, as we enter Day 6 of the stare down, Holmgren thinks Poile can't match and Poile thinks Holmgren will ultimately give him players and picks as long as he's willing/able to match.

If Poile doesn't match and doesn't get players to go along with the picks, then we have lost the game of Chicken.

This would be really dramatic, interesting and fun if it wasn't happening to us.

Thought I saw Poile at Exit 74 off I-65 in Brentwood this morning selling homeless papers. They must be close to scrounging up enough for the bonus.
Any trade by Philly to get some of their picks back will come from either the goodness of their heart (or the pit where such an organ should exist) or an intent to get their own picks back in case they want to go the offer sheet route again in the future. They can say they'll trade roster player X to us for two of their picks lost as concession for the Preds not matching but can easily change their minds after they have Weber. Any trade cannot happen until after this scenario with the offer sheet plays out to its grand finale.

Originally Posted by vandyfan84 View Post
2 things,

Sorry, did not mean to snap at you, and sorry for misunderstanding. I see what you meant however, I think this is clearly a case of the rule being taken advantage of. Philly knew we would struggle to pay out $13million in bonuses over 4 years otherwise they wouldn't have put this offersheet in front of him to sign. A contract with $58 million in real salary and $52 million in bonus money is absolutely egregious.

Also, I don't think Henry and Cogan are automatically going to say, he this guy will become a partial ticket holder, we HAVE to match now or we might miss out on his extra $1,000 of revenue
From a hockey roster and PR standpoint, keeping Weber is an easy decision to make. Financially, it carries huge risk. Over the next 49-50 weeks Weber will get paid roughly what the Preds net at the gate without a work stoppage. It isn't a matter of wanting to keep him ... it's can it be done within the structure forced by Snider/Holmgren's offer sheet without risking the financial health of the franchise. Does the team even have $13,000,000 in cash to pay the signing bonus this week? With our reported financial situation, it is a legitimate question. If the answer is no, the only choice is to let Weber walk.

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