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07-22-2012, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I'm really surprised so many people are against the NCAA getting involved. Not to be a jerk, but how many of you against it are PSU fans? I don't mean to sound condescending or anything like that I am just curious how many non-PSU fans feel this way, as it is expected for PSU fans to feel this way.

To me it seems pretty clear cut. They (meaning EVERYONE involved) ****ed up beyond all repair. More than anyone in sports history. And they did it on purpose, regardless of what the reasons were (protect their own *****, the school's, whatever). Those who broke the law will be prosecuted. Those who ****ed up will be sued. But why should it stop there? Why would we say ok, they have had enough. Because the students will be mad? Because some people will lose money? Oh well. Next time you see something like this, don't try and cover it up. Sure, maybe the lawsuits and jail time will do it, but wouldn't you want to make absolutely sure something like this never happens again anywhere for any reason?

I never thought I would ever hear of a situation where a man did such terrible things, and it was then covered up and people would be worried that they are going to be punished too harshly.
I think you're missing the point.

At issue whether, and to what extent, the NCAA should be punishing the people who had literally nothing to do with the criminal and immoral activities. As far as I can tell, no one who was involved in any of these events is even still at the university--so punishing "Penn State" writ large raises some questions about the NCAA's judgement. That's not to say there isn't merit in creating a deterrence, or working to change the "institutional culture," etc.--but to talk about "punishing" the university, when the parties are no longer there, seems a bit questionable.

To answer your first question--I'd certainly consider myself a "fan" of Penn State football, much as I consider myself a fan of the Flyers. But neither I, not anyone in my extended family, ever attended the university, so I don't really see myself as "biased"--at least not to the point of an inability to impartially evaluate the facts of the case, etc. I'm sure many posters here grew up Penn St. football fans, and probably quite a few have relatives who attended the university, which has, I believe, the largest alumni base in the country.

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