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Originally Posted by Stealth JD View Post
And if the other team has the puck, he's virtually useless. He can't clear the crease, he can't take the body and he's essentially relegated to using his (small) frame and stick. I'd take Nikitin back any day, even with his propensity to score into his own net.
That's why he is with Polak, they compliment each other. Cole would also be a compliment if Polak moved up.

Nikitin wasn't successful here because he didn't have a partner that was a good compliment for him.

Bottom pairing defenders can't do everything because they aren't good enough. They have clear deficiencies in their game and that is why they are bottom pairing defensemen. Russell makes Polak look better and Polak makes Russell look better because they both allow each other to concentrate on their own game.

A Nikitin-Polak pairing would be just like the Jackman-Polak pairing, a disaster. Neither one compliment each other and neither one has attributes that would improve the other player's game.

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