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07-22-2012, 07:52 PM
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What is WRONG with us?! (Pity party thread for Preds fans only!)

Before I got married, I never took it personally if some dude didn't want to date me. Whatever, their loss. I was never one of those girls who cries "What's wrong with me?!" every time a guy isn't interested in her. But as a Preds fan, I find myself turning into just that kind of person.

I watched with envy earlier this year when Crosby re-upped with the Penguins; what a love fest that was. Crosby doesn't even care about testing free agency; his heart is with the Pens. The Pens don't even care that his contract might be uninsurable; he's that important to them. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Why can't that happen with the Predators? We've lost several excellent players over the years, for one reason or another. The only truly awesome player we've ever had that has said "I love Nashville. I believe in Nashville. I want to play here and I want to win a Cup here" and signed a big contract to back it up is Rinne. Several other players who have left seem to like us okay, but not enough to marry us; they end up leaving for greener pastures. Maybe if it was just one player, I could tell myself "Whatever, they just want to be closer to their family" or whatever the case may be. But we've seen multiple players leave, for various reasons, who all apparently didn't love us enough to stay. Nobody wants to be with us! Everyone breaks up with us!

What is WRONG with us?!

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