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07-22-2012, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
From a hockey roster and PR standpoint, keeping Weber is an easy decision to make. Financially, it carries huge risk. Over the next 49-50 weeks Weber will get paid roughly what the Preds net at the gate without a work stoppage. It isn't a matter of wanting to keep him ... it's can it be done within the structure forced by Snider/Holmgren's offer sheet without risking the financial health of the franchise. Does the team even have $13,000,000 in cash to pay the signing bonus this week? With our reported financial situation, it is a legitimate question. If the answer is no, the only choice is to let Weber walk.
I'm sure the preds ownership have the money, or have access...the question is do they want to spend it.

On top of the bad financial deal (for any team that takes this deal) that it is if he plays, its 1000 times worse if he gets a major injury. Since the first 6 years are 13m signing bonuses they are not insurable, like normal salary. Essentially, if (hope this doesn't happen) he gets a career injury thats 78m in uninsurable liabilities.

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