Thread: Speculation: How Much Will Kessel Make?
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07-22-2012, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Okay fine.. How about the Kessel situation as it pertains to Phil Kessel than..

The last time his contract ended he forced himself off of the team that drafted him, and he was very successful for, over $ money $ and he was only a RFA that time..

This time he has an opportunity to be a UFA and test the market, and reap the rewards.. So based on past history of his own actions he chose the money.. So a 10-12 year deal as a UFA verses a self imposed mandated 5-6 year max term to stay even if the rate $$ is ~ the same, then following the money is a serious concern. Its not that Toronto can't afford to pay him to stay, but rather the GM refuses to offer the contract that others will.

Anaheim sits with Burke's 5 year contracts ending for Getzlaf and Perry and they risk losing both as UFAs now for free. In their case fans are also hoping they hit the market as opposed to staying with their present teams. Is Kessel any different to them, only 1 more year later on the timeline to free agent status?.
What fans are hoping for Getzlaf and Perry to hit the market? Leafs fans? Certainly. Ducks fans? Not so much.

What fans (aside from the ones who like to rehash the Kessel trade a billion times over) hope he hits the FA market?

If free agency age doesn't change, or it doesn't effect current contracts, I don't see us being able to sign him for any less than $7M a year. If Grabo was able to get $5.5M, a $6M offer to Kessel would be a slap in the face.

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