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07-22-2012, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
When we're advancing past the second round of the playoffs again with ease, our team full of vets crushing the "best" of the West, I have a feeling any annoyance you may feel will be washed away.

Cup, baby. We're not a farm anymore, we're a mint that specializes in fine silver.
Yeah I love the way this team has been built and have agreed with virtually everything Lombardi has done since he got here. I also had faith that we could win a cup. We are elite and I lOve it.

I also want to see this team continue to get better and to be able to re-sign our key players. I think part of being able to keep a deep and star filled squad means that you routineley swap your high-priced "mediocre" vets with cheap young developed talent.

To me Stoll is the type of guy you let go in favor of a cheap and developed young player (lokti, Lewis, Andy A, etc...) Especially when you have Richards as a safety net for 3rd line Center if one of your young players dont work out.

Really the stoll signing was the first time i disagreed with the direction our team was going in the last few years.

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