Thread: OT: PSU Death Penalty?
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07-22-2012, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by JVR21 View Post
Yeah, that's when the ****ing CRIMINAL COURTS come into play. You know, where the guilty get JAIL TIME. There's no need for the NCAA to get involved in criminal acts that truly had nothing to do with the football team.
TRULY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FOOTBALL TEAM?! The COACH of the FOOTBALL TEAM engaged in the cover up of the **** of a child BY ANOTHER COACH OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM in THE FOOTBALL TEAM'S LOCKER ROOM. Yeah, clearly nothing to see here regarding the football team. Nothing at all to do with the football team. Truly.

Like Appleyard said:
If there was a National Chemistry Committee that enforced its own rules regarding the conduct of the Chemistry programs underneath its umbrella of control, it would absolutely be fair.

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