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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
Idk about the other companies, but Bauer and CCM definitely offer custom skates to whoever is willing to pay the price. They only offer their top of the line skates to be customized, though, so you have to be willing to spend around $800-$900... considering the shop you go to doesn't try and rip you off with some crazy up-charge. Bauer only up-charges by $100, but then it's in the shop's hands after that.

But yeah, definitely go to a hockey shop that has previous experience with the custom order process and can size you correctly. I think Bauer is probably the more popular choice for custom skates, too.

GRAFS are another option as they have all different kinds of fits at a retail level. But again, you'd have to go to an authorized GRAF dealer that knows what they're doing.

EDIT: And my friend got a pair of those MLX (Mario Lemieux) skates... he said they were comfortable, but they were the heaviest things both him and I ever felt... lol. They weren't pretty either.
Bolded point isn't necessarily true. The upcharge depends on the retailer. It should be in and around $100 though.

Originally Posted by TWOway57 View Post
The simplest way to go would be grafs or the mario lemiuex (MLX) skates.

I don't think Bauer, Reebok, Easton, CCM offer that unless your pro. I've always bought skates that felt good. Baked them once and it took down wear. I'll never do it again.
I don't know of any services like that in chicagoland so I'm no help. Definitely check out MLX though.
Completely untrue. Anyone can order custom skates provided they were fitted properly with a fitter and filled out the necessary paperwork.

to OP:

DO note that you are a nobody. Your custom skates will never ever take priority over anyone playing the pros or even major junior. Bauer has one factory in Quebec that makes their custom skates for every order. Don't be surprised if it take longer than anticipated, especially if you'll be ordering between early August to well into next season.

Bauer offers custom on NXG, APX and soon Nexus 1000. There are the same amount of custom options (more or less) between all brands but Bauer has 3 base boots to customize alone.

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