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07-23-2012, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I don't agree on this with you Ziggy.

To start with in JQ's case we had a very specific need and he filled it. JQ was our best alternative at the time and he turned out to be what allot of us thought he would be and more in some cases but we were desperate for a starter and he answered the call. Room wasn't made for him due to him being ready as much as we needed him to be ready and he stepped in (more complicated than that but that is the jist).

Doughty was ready at his draft and we didn't make room for him either.

We did make room for VV but only due to the fact that we had a need and addressed it by doing so and that action made room for him. JJ wasn't dealt to make room for VV alone is my point.

I am always the biggest proponent for bringing up kids when they are ready and am typically right in my assessments of their abilities and level of preparedness for the NHL but King and Nolan filled spots that were open more than people being moved to make room for them to come up.

Muzzin is NHL ready. He has been for two seasons now. Everyone in the org who has talked about him agrees. Sometimes it isn't so easy to make room for some kids to step up.

Would you have dealt away Scuderi to make room for Muzzin at the start of last year? I wouldn't have though I might have considered it this year partly due to the fact that Muzzin is ready and partly due to the fact that Scuderi is on the last year of his contract. Not saying it would be a good idea, just saying that there are circumstances where I would consider the move.

Even then, Muzz is ready but so is Hickey and short of making wholesale changes to our back-end we won't be seeing them replacing anyone this season.

My point is that when we had need and placeholders on our team (like Hunter etc) then it was allot easier to make room for our ready kids.

Now that we have solid vets or established kids already filling each position it isn't so easy to make room for the kids who are ready and waiting in the wings.

Our team has changed and is now in position to become a powerhouse for the next few years at least.
We have kids who are NHL ready that will have to wait their turn and that is one of the key indicators of a top notch franchise to me.
The Kings actually did make room for Doughty when they dealt Lubomir Visnovsky to Edmonton.

I also disagree that Quick was the best alternative at the time because everyone was clamoring for Jonathan Bernier, the next successor in net, to come riding on a white horse to save the Kings. After Quick established himself as the starter, the Kings got rid of LaBarbera and brought up Erik Ersberg to be Quick's backup. Quick was not the obvious choice then as many were thinking it would be Bernier (remember Bernier was disgruntled and unhappy that he wasn't called up).

I wouldn't have traded Scuderi at the start of last year to make room for Muzzin nor would I do it now. We don't know if he's another Joe Rullier or Aaron Rome. I'm just not as sold on Muzzin as you are. What Scuderi does is greatly unappreciated here and I can't see Muzzin replacing his calming presence and leadership. Scuderi is the modern day Mattias Norstrom that the Kings need to play with Doughty. I don't see Muzzin being that player.

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